About Me

Hello, I am an Assistant Teaching Professor, working for SCAI and the SEFCOM lab at Arizona State University as. I received my Ph.D. from Yonsei University in South Korea. My research interests lie in mobile and wireless network security issues like Telco (5G), Access Control, Blockchain, Digital Forensics, and Vehicle security.

🎓 Ph.D. Computer Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 2011
🎓 M.S. Computer Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 2001

📫 jaejong at asu . edu

Latest News

  1. Our paper "Unveiling SDN Controller Identity through Timing Side Channel" has been accepted in 15th International Conference on Network of the Future (October 02-04, 2024, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain). This paper presents a novel approach to fingerprinting SDN controllers using timing side channels and deep learning techniques.

  2. Our paper "Targeted Privacy Attacks by Fingerprinting Mobile Apps in LTE Radio Layer" has been accepted in IEEE IFIP DSN 2023 (June 27-30, 2023, Porto, Portugal). This paper presents novel privacy attacks against LTE using machine learning to identify patterns in the communication between the UEs and eNBs without breaking into users' devices and the base station.

  3. Our paper "SpaceMediator: Leveraging Authorization Policies to Prevent Spatial and Privacy Attacks in Mobile Augmented Reality" has been accepted in SACMAT 2023 (June 7-9, Trento, Italy). We present a new approach for managing access control policies in a mobile augmented reality (MAR) application based on policy-governed MAR apps against space invasion, space affectation attacks, and privacy leaks.

  4. Our Blockchain Patent application has been issued on Feb. 21, 2023 Systems and Methods for Blockchain-Based Automatic Key Generation" by USPTO. (Patent # 11588631)

  5. Our NSF proposal has been awarded on August 29, 2022, CICI: UCSS: ScienceAccess: Enabling Zero-Trust Resource Access Management for Scientific Collaborations, which will be collaborated with TAMU-CC. from Oct. 2022 to Sept. 2025. (Award # 2232911, $591,644)

  6. Our extended edition of the Dypoldroid paper has been accepted to Information Systems Frontiers: DyPolDroid: Protecting Against Permission-Abuse Attacks in Android in August 2022. (Impact Factor: 5.261)

  7. Our paper has been accepted to Applied Energy, titled A Secure Distributed Ledger for Transactive Energy: The Electron Volt Exchange in November 2020. (Impact Factor: 8.848)

  8. Our team (Jaejong Baek, Sukwha Kyung, Gail-Joon Ahn) was recognized as the Most Innovative Capability in the Blockchain Innovation Challenge hosted by ASURE. The title of the project is "Cryptographic Key Management System using a Distributed Shared Ledger. (Patent issued)

  9. Our paper "Wi Not Calling: Practical Privacy and Availability Attacks in Wi-Fi Calling " has been accepted in ACSAC '18, December 3–7, 2018, San Juan, PR, USA. In this paper, we analyze the security of Wi-Fi Calling specifications and discover several vulnerabilities that allow an adversary to track the location of users and perform DoS attacks.