Mobile Secuirty

4G/5G/6G Security

Identifying security threats and vulnerabilities in 5G network slices based on SDN and NFV and develping Security Reasoning framework to support automatic analysis and conformance testing. As a complted project, LTE privacy attacks based on machine learning solutions to identify patterns in the communication of commercial LTE networks and revealing the security hole in Wi-Fi calling.

  • Targeted Privacy Attacks by Fingerprinting Mobile Apps in LTE Radio Layer, DSN2023
  • Wi Not Calling: Practical Privacy and Availability Attacks in Wi-Fi Calling, ACSAC2018
  • Secure Pre-authentication Schemes for Fast Handoff in Proxy Mobile IPv6, JICCE2016

Android Secuirty

Developing security-enhanced authorization framework aimed to detect and protect against emerging PendingIntent-based attacks abusing excess privileges for the escalation and unauthorized invoke

  • DyPolDroid: Protecting against permission-abuse attacks in Android, Information Systems Frontiers 2022
  • MuTent: Dynamic Android Intent Protection with Ownership-Based Key Distribution and Security Contract

Vehicle Secuirty

Exploring cybersecurity issues in vehicle, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), and automotive such as 5G NAD (Network Access Device) modules and HTA technology (Hardware Trust Anchor).

Access Management

Science Access

This project funded by NSF (#2232911) and aims to develop ScienceAccess, a federated framework supporting the storage, retrieval, evaluation, and enforcement of AM-Policies that allows scientists and administrators to manage their resource-sharing needs with a high degree of autonomy.

Mobile Augmented Rreality

SpaceMediator: Leveraging Authorization Policies to Prevent Spatial and Privacy Attacks in Mobile Augmented Reality

  • SpaceMediator: Leveraging Authorization Policies to Prevent Spatial and Privacy Attacks in Mobile Augmented Reality, SACMAT2023

Digital Forensics


Investigating current trends in blockchain and digital CoC, emphasizing the need for a dedicated solution tailored to the unique needs of digital forensics. It elucidates how blockchain can ensure a tamper-proof CoC, fostering trustworthiness and security of digital evidence.

  • A Secure Distributed Ledger for Transactive Energy: The Electron Volt Exchange (EVE) Blockchain, Applied Energy Journal, Elsevier, 2021

Social Dynamics

Investigate concession abuse as a service, a prevalent criminal business service to which even unsophisticated cybercriminals can subscribe and subsequently profit with minimal investment.